About CCL and the Yolo CCL Chapter

Citizens Climate Lobby is a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots advocacy organization focused on market based national policies to address climate change. The CCL solution is revenue neutral, returning carbon fee money to all households. All households receive dividends, and households with lower carbon footprints are rewarded with dividend checks that exceed energy cost effects of the carbon fee.

CCL trains and supports volunteers to reclaim their democracy and engage elected officials and the media to generate the political will for solutions that will stabilize the Earth’s climate.

“If the political will of the people is asleep at the wheel, then the political will of government is likely to be asleep at the wheel.” - Sam Daley-Harris Founder, President RESULTS

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Join our Executive Director Mark Reynolds every Wednesday at 5 pm for a conference call with Mark and interested folks like you across the country. Find out more about CCL and how to join us.


Yolo CCL is the local Yolo County chapter for Citizens' Climate Lobby.

We welcome all interested volunteers who can provide a positive effort in our activities.

Some of the activities our volunteers perform include:

  • Writing letters to representatives
  • Writing editorials to local newspapers
  • Meeting with Congressional staff
  • Outreach presentations to other local groups
  • Gathering petitions supporting our proposed legislation
  • Meeting with local politicians to obtain supporting resolutions
  • Collaboration with other local climate change oriented groups
  • Participation in local climate change focused events
  • Participation in the annual meeting and lobbying effort in Washington D.C.
  • Collaboration with and providing support to other nearby or fledgling CCL chapters

We meet monthly in Davis or Woodland. See the Current Events Page or our calendar for upcoming meetings.

For more info on Yolo CCL, contact us:

Group Leaders -

Terry Beggs: (530) 219-5121 terry.a.beggs@gmail.com

Beth Robbins: robbinse13@gmail.com