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Be rewarded for protecting the future! - Learn more about the climate dividend.

Yolo CCL May 2020

Yolo CCL May Meeting 7:00 PM Wednesday May 13 via Zoom

Latest updates and interactive introduction to En-Roads Climate Solutions Model

Contact for access instructions.

Also see new Op-Ed and blog entry by Beth Robbins here.

Yolo CCL members attended the recent CCL Norcal meeting in Oakland. We heard a strategic update from CCL Director Mark Reynolds and a number of presenters on outreach topics including youth, business, conservative, evangelical, progressive, and diverse groups. It was a great venue for networking and coordinating efforts with other CCL chapters.

CCL members from the Yolo County and Sacramento chapters meet with renowned climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe after her presentation at UC Davis on November 5.

We're getting close! On 10/14 Congressman Garamendi committed to looking closely at co-sponsoring HR 763. Call Congressman Garamendi's Office now at (202) 225-1880. Ask him to co-sponsor HR 763.

Latest News

Republican Congressional Leadership Acknowledges Climate Change Action Needed

“We’ve got to actually do something different than we’ve done to date. For a 28-year-old, the environment is the No. 1 and No. 2 issue.”

- House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (January 2020)

"The GOP needs to have a Republican position on climate change. I would say it’s our hope that what we table would attract bipartisan support," the aide said. "We haven't had a coherent message in some time."

(Side note - Yolo CCL members have been part of very good meetings with Kevin McCarthy's office in DC in the past few years)

Several of our members participated in the Davis Climate Strike Rally

The Good News On Climate - Presentations to Woodland Sunrise Rotary, Davis Noon Rotary and Vacaville Noon Rotary

June 2019 - Meeting with Congressman John Garamendi at his Washington DC office.

Winters Youth Day

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