We are the Yolo County Chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby, working together with other CCL chapters and climate advocates throughout the U.S. and world to pass practical legislation for solving the problem of greenhouse gas induced global warming.

2021 is the year to get things done! Prospects for bipartisan action - Senators Whitehouse and Murkowski (start at 3 minutes in)
Climate Change - The Science and Our Solution

What we do

Yolo CCL has been spreading the good news about a nonpartisan approach to global warming that can do the heavy lifting, be effective internationally, and actually improve the economy. We lobby members of Congress and provide public outreach. We table at numerous community events, present to local groups, and hold meetings with Congressman Garamendi and other members of Congress and their aides on advancing climate legislation. We work with other climate advocacy groups on moving solutions forward at all levels.

Join us and come work together.